File Backup

We Help Backup and Recover Your Files


We help you preserve what matters to you


We restore deleted files and find lost passwords


We move your information with no data loss

Your documents and pictures are important

We help you to keep them safe!

Keep Two Copies!

Sometime between tomorrow and 10 years from now, your computer hard drive will fail. When this happens, you could lose access to all your information, pictures and documents. Regular backups help keep your information safe. This ensures that you have a minumum of two copies of all important files. Talk to us today about how we can help you backup your files.

All Is Not Lost

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? Or, have you had to access a computer that has a password that no one can remember? We have the tools and expertise to help you recover deleted files, reset or recover passwords, and analyze your storage needs and usage. Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a price estimate.

Switching Email? New Computer?

Let us help you transfer your information. We make it painless to move your email to a new provider. Also, visit our New Computer page for details about how we can help transfer your information from your previous computer.