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Technology Troubles?

Not sure what's wrong or where to begin? Think your system has been compromised? Let us help you move forward with our no-obligation fixed price Diagnostic Service. Just bring your device in to our Computer Hospital where we will run a variety of tests to provide you with honest and practical steps to move forward.

Need remote help? We can setup a secure access session to directly assess and fix the problem.


Unauthorized access to your account or computer? We can help assess the situation, secure your system and empower you to identify risks before they happen.

Virus? We do more than just remove the infection. Take advantage of our comprehensive Virus Removal, System Repair and Tuning Service to bring your computer back to life. Using specialized tools, we remove infections and leave your information intact. Then we repair any damage, tighten security, tune your system, and educate you on how to avoid future problems.

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Looking to Buy?

Change is easy with our help. We understand your needs and help you find the best deal in town, saving you pain and often $100s in the process. Our Recommend, Setup, and Data Transfer services help you make a smooth and productive transition to your new technology. Need extra help? Take advantage of our additional training and customized services tailored to your specific goals. Learn More

Still Running Windows 7?

Windows 7 is nearly 10 years old and security updates ended in January 2020. If you have Windows 7, we can help you stay secure and productive with a painless transition to Windows 10.

Is Your Information Safe?

Your information is important. Keeping it safe takes a little effort and planning. Let us help you setup an automated backup strategy that is worry and hassle-free. Having challenges in transferring information or recovering lost data? We're here to help.

Need help or advice on managing your photo collection? Our experience with digital photo management will help clarify and simplify, turning chaos into enjoyment.

Want to Work Smarter?

We provide custom training, improvement design and technical support for:

  • Network design and WiFi performance

  • Google G Suite and business automation

  • Google Photos and photo library management

  • Email configuration and management

  • Using Smartphones, Tablets and mobile technology effectively